New Cars Need Good Auto Insurance Coverage

New Cars Need Good Auto Insurance Coverage

You have your iPod and car adapter ready with some newly made play lists of cruising music. You just bought your new car and it smells new and it is shiny and scratch-less. Life is good. Now you just need to get yourself some auto insurance. Law requires that you have insurance on car. But don’t worry, you won’t have to sell that iPod to pay for your insurance. It is easy to find affordable insurance.

First, as Smokey Robinson said, “Shop Around.” Don’t feel obligated to sign up with the first insurance company you see or talk to. There are a large number of insurers that are competing for your business. Talk to and research each one. Get quotes and compare them. Make sure they offer all that you need and want for your policy.

Now it is time to “Walk the Line” like Johnny Cash. Online that is. You can look for advice and quotes, all from the comfort of your couch on the many websites available online. Most major insurers have a rate calculator on their site, which allows you a quick way to obtain a quote and have it emailed to you. In fact, some even post their competitors rates to make the comparison easier for you.

The Beastie Boys say “So Watcha Want.” Be sure you know what you want in your insurance. Quotes will vary depending on what coverage you need. One company may offer a lower rate for full coverage than another company, but you may not need full coverage. Perhaps, you only need liability because you only drive once a week to the grocery store. Or that sweet Ferrari in your driveway only sees the world on sunny Sundays—there may be a discount for that.

“Ch-ch-ch-changes.” Do not be afraid to change your coverage to meet your ever-changing needs. You may decide to include all the bells and whistles when you first insure your car. But now you find you OWN your car and aren’t required to carry collision. Well change your policy, cut your costs. Or vice versa add features as you need them.

“In My Defense” having a good driving record will reduce your rate. If you are a safe, defensive driver, auto insurance companies will view you as a lesser liability. Stay away from aggressive driving: speeding, running red lights. Those license points add up and take several years to come off your record.

You are required by the law to have insurance. Don’t try it. “I fought the law and the law won.” No matter how old your car is, if you plan to drive it, get car insurance. Be aware of your state laws concerning minimum coverage and discounts available to you. Don’t let the thought of purchasing insurance deter you from enjoying your new ride. Instead just “Enjoy the Ride.”

Why You Should Find One Good Auto Insurance Company & Stick With Them

It is silly and foolhardy to assume that your insurance company knows everything about you and your car from a few questions on an application. Trying to save money can be difficult, but it is certainly worth the time. It is fairly easy, however, to save on auto insurance. Drivers should do research and find what discounts a company offers and take advantage of those discounts. It is surprising how significantly these discounts will reduce the cost of insurance. Understanding discounts and how they affect premiums can help smart shoppers make educated decisions about coverage. More importantly, drivers can save a lot of money in the process.

Safety features are the easiest and most lucrative discounts available to drivers. Certain states offer discounts for anti-lock brakes. There are different types, be sure to know if your vehicle has two or four wheel anti-lock brakes. Automatic seat belts and airbags are generally discounted on your insurance premiums, as well. These features come standard in most new models today. Just know what they are and inform your insurer.

Many vehicles also come with anti-theft devices. These certainly lower premiums as they are a deterrent against theft and vandalism. Most states offer a “Defensive Driver Class” discount if the principal driver, usually 55 years old or older, has completed an approved defensive driving class. However, generally, this discount will only apply if the class is taken voluntarily. Taking the class as a result of traffic violations is not applicable.

Most insurers offer a discount for having multiple cars. However, in some cases, this only applies if you have two or more drivers. You can also inquire about insuring other vehicles, such as motorcycles and boats, on the same policy for a discount. If you have a good driving record without tickets, accidents or suspensions in the last three to five years, you most likely qualify for a safe driver’s discount.

Staying loyal to the same auto insurance company may also reward you discounts. They may offer you a renewal discount, especially if you have not had an accident or ticket. They reward their safe customers, as they should. You are seen as less of a liability, so to keep your business they offer rewards. But, if you do decide to change companies, a proof of prior insurance discount may apply. Generally, at least 6 months of consecutive insurance coverage is required from the previous insurer.

Discounts may also be available to full-time students with strong grades, home-owners, and military personnel and veterans. Owning an older car also can lower your auto insurance rates. You may decide that comprehensive and collision coverage is not needed for this car. It may cost you more to insure it than the car may be worth. Ask your agent if this is an option. In addition, the type of vehicle you buy could greatly affect your premium; sports cars cost more to insure than more economical cars.